BRUCE EDWARD ALTSCHULD, born December 14, 1954, Amityville, New York; B.S., B.A., State University College of New York, Buffalo; Southwestern University School of Law, J.D. (1982) , Law Review, Los Angeles County Bar Association, Beverly Hills Bar Association, Association of Business Trial Lawyers; Fierstein & Sturman, (1995-1997) Karno, Schwartz, Friedman & Shafron (1997-1999), Shafron, Altschuld & Kammer (1999-2001); Law Offices of Bruce Altschuld (2001-present).

Lead Attorney:

Kasparian v. County of Los Angeles (1995) 38 Cal. App. 4th 242.
Plaintiff's attorney, obtained 17 verdicts against County Supervisor for wrongfully interfering with client's contract, jury verdict of $3,000,000.

Bainvoll v. Israely, represented defendants in case over allegation of corporate mismanagement of corporation doing $8,000,000 sales per year, defeated claim of derivative lawsuit.

Realwealth v. Mazur, lead Plaintiff's attorney - obtained $2,700,000 judgment against defendants for fraudulently holding title to property;

Herscu v. Herscu represented defendant development company in claim of mismanagement of real property.

Mendez v. Sky View at Las Palmas - co-defending a breach of guarantee claim

Starpoint v. Unitex represent fraud defendant; successfully set aside $20,000,000.00 judgment (settlement confidential)

Saadian v. William J, successfully defended contempt proceeding.

Lin v. Morentin, represented defendant/investment banker who was sued for fraud (settlement confidential)

Nader & Sons, et al., vs. Namvar, et al., represented party sued for fraudulent transfers (settlement confidential).

Lebovitz vs. Littell, represent shareholder in corporate mismanagement claim against publicly traded corporation

Huber v. Elite, lead Plaintiff's attorney, obtained $300,000 judgment against contractor for fraud damages.

Ophir v. Empower, lead Plaintiff's attorney in 4 month jury trial for trade secret violation.

Bogdanovich v. Universal Studios - Plaintiff's attorney - represented feature length film director in suit against studio over "final cut" rights over movie "MASK".

Mirel v. Natural Burst, LLC, represent defendants in business dispute over vitamin sales and alleged wrongful eviction claims.

Technical Components Corporation v. Intel represented Plaintiff in lawsuit over sale of $27,000,000 of computer chips.

Cameron v. Masry, represented Plaintiff in legal malpractice suit against Erin Brockovich attorney, settlement confidential.

Marina Island v. Gottlieb represented investor in suit for fraud against promoter

Hall v. Time Warner, represent Plaintiff in claim against Celebrity Justice for invasion of privacy, settlement confidential.

Avedon v. Sheinfeld, represented Plaintiff in claim of fraud against father and son for improper trading of luxury tickets for damages exceeding, $1,000,000, settlement confidential.

Ellis v. Zembo represented defendant/employer in racial harassment claim (settlement confidential)

Agri-Star v. Doheny Markets – represent federal defendant in case of violation of trademarks and copyrights.

Young v. UCLA, represented Plaintiff in sexual harassment suit (settlement confidential).

Titeq, LLC v. Essex, represented Plaintiff in suit over improper manufacturing of emergency air cylinders for commercial air flight.

Vidhayasirinun v. Mallery & Stern, represented defendant in legal malpractice claim (settlement confidential).